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David Churbuck

Two years ago we rented an electric boat and puttered around the bank canals of Long Beach, shooting the breeze, and you ominously said you weren't going to start "War and Peace."

I sent you a copy and unless you read at a two-year old's level, you should have finished it by now and have moved onto Tristram Shandy.

I am glad to know you, to see you writing, and frankly, in a far better place than you were four years ago. Your recovery is one of the most inspiring I have ever seen, a far cry from that bleak phone call I received in Zurich four years ago when Ms. Shipley let me know about your stroke. Those were dark days and these are brighter!


Thanks Jim for sharing your story. You're right, blogging is a great outlet.

Scott Mace
Scott i was just thinking of you. where are you these days?


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