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Howard Torf

Jim, i've been thinking of getting a tablet computer, ran across your blog, and i have a copule questions. The main reason i'm thinking of getting a tablet is for the compfort of browsing the web on a couch, in bed, from a comfy chair. For example if i'm reading the New York Times web site in bed, i just want a flat computer i can hold like a magazine. Does the x41 lend itself to that kind of application?
oh yeah it does! I'm sitting out in my front yard in a lounger replying to your comment.. I keep my X41 turned on and beside me for about 4 hours a day. the biggest disadvantge to the X41 is its slow boot up-- whixh is caused by the 2.5-inch 4200 rpm hard disk diveLenovo currently uses. i suspect Lenovo will upgrade this in a future tablet PC since they definitely know about the problem. thanks for reading my blog and commenting. best wishes, jim forbes

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