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Nicholas Sanders

You write : I've had data file compatibility between Mac and mainstream Windows applications for years and years. I can not think of a single case where i needed to have both software architectures simultaneously on screen. Not one case. And I have a particularly free ranging imagination.

From the perspective of a Windows user, this probably makes sense (although one might look for a little more from an author's imagination). For a Mac user, the situation is rather different - I am obliged to use a handful of packages only available for Windows, and having a virtual machine to run them in is the ideal solution.

To do it, I use Parallels Desktop of course - as a proper reviewer would know, Boot Camp only allows one to *boot* in Windows, which doesn't do it for me at all.


I think you should have written this review in the morning when you are more rested and make more sense. Your complaints make absolutely no sense (except for the heat issue). As a network admin using a MBP 17, let me tell you, this is one of the best portables released.
Jaarod, thanks for reading. I've not had a great experience keeping this notbook attached. i noted this and reported it.
And yes, I shoulds have wrote the piece when i was rested. Again, thanks for posting and reading... best, jim



The MacBook Pro feels like a stopgap measure to me. Apple had been so delayed in significantly upgrading the PowerBook G4, that they had to get something out the door. Thus, we have the old design crammed with new stuff. Seeing this, I waited, and was rewarded with the MacBook -- redesigned top to bottom and spectacular. The MacBook does get hot, no doubt. But, not any worse than the Windows laptops that nobody wants to use anymore having played around with my MacBook. :)


I upgraded from a Powerbook 15 to the MacBook Pro 15. What a difference.

1). You must lack imagination about running simultaneous platorms, side-by-side. I need some Windows XP specific software for work, but do not want to use XP for anything like web-browsing, mail, address book or calendar. Spotlight is most valuable to me and saves me hours of time, but the need for Windows access still remains. Currently using Parallel's Workstation software (works great!)

2). No issues on connectivity, either wired or wirelessly (must be your individual settings or hardware).

3). Heat is not an issue when using a coolpad, but I agree that it needs to be addressed by Apple.

4). No illumination problems, though at certain angles, it is hard to read the illuminated keys (coming from a non-touch typer).

5). You are complaining about dialup? If you are using dialup still today, then you are holding on desperately to a slow and dying technology. Why not use bluetooth and your cell phone? Get with the times. If you choose not to use technology that is available and instead use a poor, antiquated technology - that's your choice! Don't blame Apple. I suppose you still want a serial port or a parallel port. What next? BetaMax?
hey, thanks for reading and commenting.--jmf


Obviously, you haven't tried Boot Camp.

And those apostrophes are tough.

Well, Forbes is a magazine for the idle rich....
I don't work for Forbes. My name is "Forbes" and yes I have used Boot Camp and I'm familiar with Parallel. I think XP on a Mac is nice but Intel compatibility has never been an issue for me, and i've used a mac since the first 128K. This machine is too hot, although it's wicked fast and has one of the best softwarre preloads I've ever seen.More on that later. thanks for reading and commenting-- best--jim forbes

Mark oliver

"And Xp compatibility via Boot Camp is a joke. I find the idea of running a Mac application on one side of my screen and a Windows application in a parallel screen to be a great example of a solution in search of a non existent problem"

Have you even used bootcamp. That sentance makes no damn sense.

If you didn't know Bootcamp isn't for running both the MacOS and windows at the same time, bootcamp is to boot into windows. And it is hardly a joke as it runs faster on a Mac than any other pc.
What other PC does BootCsmp run on ?--jmf

Bobby Knueven


Boot Camp does not run on other PCs. Mark was saying that Windows runs faster on a MBP using Boot Camp than any other laptop.

Parallels will allow you to have OS X on one monitor and Win XP on the other.


You're absolutely right about the wi-fi capability or lack thereof in the MacBook Pro (Or Macbook No). It's why I have the less expensive consumer Macbook even though my graphics are a tad slower.

You obviously don't do web design, though. Wrap your imagination around the need to test web pages on two platforms.

And, as a Windows user you probably have all the applications you need already intstalled on another computer.

As primarily a Mac user, I'll vouch for those of us who much prefer the Mac OS but need just one or two Windows application for work.

I've been more than happy to ditch Windows on my Toshiba, even though it works fine. It has not been a bad computer. But why not pass it along to someone else, now that I'm free of the need for the extra box. -- vey good point. do pass that old machine on. Perhaps you know a serviceman or woman who is about to deploy. I strongly urge to consider donating your old machine to them before they go overseas. thanks for reading and commenting--jmf.

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