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Ethan Maania

Cool blog about DEMO! I was browsing blogs and also saw more DEMO pics at http://flickr.com/photos/briansolis

Enjoy and let me know what you think.

Scott Briggs

hey jim,

a REALLY long time. just wanted to thank you for your post on BuzzLogic. i've been working very closely with the company (and will be on the board when it gets constituted with the series A) and its success is very near and dear to me - i of course like its business prospects, but what attracted me initially was the prospect of actually being able to prove how influential a single individual can be and the corollary that all eyeballs are absolutely not created equal.
hey Scott, it has been a long time. I was surprised at how powerful buzzLogic is. great endeavor. And Susan Thomas did a phenomenal job coaching them for their presentation. thanks for reading my blog and posting a comment--jim forbes
Jim Forbes

For a special interest publisher fighting against mass media blather for most of his life, this was the holy grail.

We have a raft of interesting ideas for uses of the algorithms beyond brand and reputation management - eg think about how easy it would be to assemble a real time "special interest" publication on the fly just by aggregating the posts of the most influential folks in any given area on any given day...

anyway, i hope our paths cross again at some point


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