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Getting online via my cellphone doesn't burn up minutes at all, actually.

Although I will say that sending a fax from my iBook is easy since it's got a modem built-in. That's only happened twice in the seven years that I've owned a Mac laptop, though. thanks for reading and commenting--jim

Mark Doherty

I'd agree - to me - a modem is just so .... quaint. It's like missing a floppy drive (whatever that is).

I don't think I've used dial up for... 4 years? 5 years? I haven't even bothered to configure the modem in my last two laptops.

And we're not talking Silicon valley here: work has taken me to Greece, Croatia, South Africa, Ethiopia, Sweden and Norway in the last few months.
If modems are considered outdated in Addis Ababa, I think it's time to let them go.

until ubiquitous wireless connectivity arrives i stand by my criticism that a $2,200 notebook should have an integrated modem--which by the way represents only a $ adder to the cost of goods needed for assembly and would fit nicely in the MacbookPro's guts on the left rear side of its motherboard. I also travel a great deal, alas it's to places that don't have wifi but do have phone lines. I hink the MacbookPro is a nice design, easy to carry but suffers from an arrtogant design philosophy.
but thanks for taking the time to read my post, composing and leaving a comment. best wishes, jim Forbes

cheers, Mark

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