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Lisa DiCarlo

nice eulogy for InfoWorld. I was at PC Week from
'92-'99 and can say without a doubt that IW kept me and every other PCW reporter on their toes...week in and week out.

Hey Lisa, I remember your byline. My time at PCWeek didn't overlap yours, regrettably. John Sacks' leadership was a big factor in the growth of InfoWorld back then. he was a unique editor and later [ublisher.
thanks for reading and commenting.

best-- jim Forbes

Rob O'Regan

Great post, Jim. A fitting salute to a kick-ass era in tech journalism. InfoWorld was the rival most worthy of our competitive obsessions at PC Week. I've often said that those of us lucky enough to have worked at those pubs at that time will spend the rest of our careers trying to replicate what we had. I'm still trying!

truth be told, so am I...thank god I didn't have to end my career working for the Copley's or the Scripps family. the Onion sucks dead bunnies through a straw. move back to San Diego and we'll start a commune., dude.


Phil Gomes

Wow... Great post, Jim.

When I was more closely focused on tech PR and media relations, my primary contact at the mag was the late Andy Santoni (a senior editor, I believe, covering hardware and semiconductors). Whenever it came time to contact him, I made sure I blocked out a good 20 minutes out of my schedule. Chatting with him was always a treat, and he was very generous with his time.

Though its prowess in news reporting was considerable, I've always said that if you had a gun to my head to component-shop the best IT mag ever from existing parts, I'd tap InfoWorld for the op/ed page.

Reminiscing aside, I say fear not... Personally, I'm of the opinion that the whole "death of print" argument gets pretty silly after a while. Content is content, nowadays, irrespective of the distribution mechanism. (Though print is, so far, the best low-cost, high-contrast display technology there is.)

I'll be following these and similar development closely, for sure.

Ya got to have faith and believe, brother! Steve Fox is the right person at the right time for InfoWorld. he has almost no heavy baggage and he's probably one of the best edit managrs i've ever seen. He's got a big job ahead and I hope he staffs up in news.
Andy Santoni was a friend. I'd worked with him long before InfoWorld and had considerable respect dfor his skills. His death, alone in a residential motel, was very sad to me.
Phil, keep it up. Loko to the Skies! There's hope outthere and Fox can carry it off.-- jim Forbes

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