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Jack @ The Tech Teapot

>It's personal computing, damn it, not the crusades.

Oh, I really agree with your sentiment here. To hear some of the open source crowd talk you'd think there was some huge political point being debated. I think we should keep politics out of your choice of technology. Use on the basis of suitability to purpose not the license it may or may not be distributed under. Most open sourcers seem to have a hard time understanding that most open source wouldn't get a look in if it was charged for.


"The God's truth for me is that such discussions are about as useful as enthusiast's arguments over an automobile store parts counter on what modification to an upright 1600cc Volkswagen engine produces the most horsepower. There was a time in my life when I cared about such things. That time ihas now passed."

I'm not quite there, but I'm getting closer day by day. I was/am a computer enthusiast and most definitely am a car enthusiast. I went from barebones-ing a desktop together to buying a top of the line rig and overclocking/tweaking the crap out of it to selling all that junk and living off of laptops & external storage.

Will that shit come one day with cars? Sure some day maybe I will spend $100K on a late model Corvette ZR-1, but I have a feeling there will be something that I feel could be improved and I will spend my time detailing how best to fix it.

Sorry this doesn't follow the OS-wars, my thoughts on that are on David's blog. But just thought I would share that you aren't the only one who is moving on from the minutia.

Good post!

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