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Mark Cahill

Funny you should blog this right now. I am looking for a new one, as my 1974 Yardman gave up the ghost end of last season and was only 30 minutes ago loaded into my pickup for the final trip to the metal recycler. Do you advocate going upscape for the Deere or the more disploseable lower end units. I see a Deere lt1000 is about $450 off from a Yardmachines machine - and has 3 less horsepower.


Generally, it's hard to go wrong with a Deere. but there are a couple of caveats:if your place is not hilly go ahead and get the L100 single cylinder with a 42-inch deck; if it's moderately hilly get a two-cylinder and splurge on a 46-inch deck. try to make sure the enghine on the tracvtor you get has an aintegrated oil pump. most single cylinders use splash oiling, which means if you mow hills the rod caps are sometimes dry ( of course always check your oil level and change filters and oil frequently.
Cub Cadets are better than Deeres and their price reflects this. Most Craftsman mowers are MTDs.
If nearby service is a consderation, it's hard to go wrong buying Craftsman or Deere. Keep your blades sharp, your oil topped off an happy tractoring. Check Craigs List for bargains.
Jim F

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