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Mark Cahill

Thanks Jim,

Wish I read it before struggling with mine last weekend. I'll be putting the the post to use Saturday AM - since I didn't get the blades off last weekend.

BTW, I was going to sharpen them - now I will just replace.
Mak, I forgot to mention that to loosenb the boilts on the blades you need to use your third hnd to hold the blade still while wrenching. See, it helps to be freakishly deformed.
Best, JimF

Mark Cahill

As luck would have it, I have worked in the Nuclear Power industry and am suitably equipped with a prehensile third 5th limb
And the bright blue light emanating from your thorax means that you can change blades at night, when it's not hot. See, there is value in catastrophe!
stay radioactive, Mark.


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