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will Pattersons

How deep can infovell get into the life sciences data?

As far as research in the life science is concerned, the portal page at NCBI is as deep as you can get in terms of search quality and content covera. The NIH and CDC are both "unusual" in that respect, But InfoVell can burrow into research institutions quite deeply and they're no reason I can think of why professional medical groups like ACOP, the ACS and others shouldn't use this as well.
The point I didn't make to wekk is that Goog and MSFT provide topical answers and there is an opportunity to provide categorized specialized material from web sites that are not commonly included in search results from Goog, MSFT and Yahoo products.
This puts InfoVell on a fast acquisition path since its tecchnology shortens the previously listed companies' time to market with research-oriented search.
Thanks for reading and commenting.
Best, jim Forbes


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