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Jack Hughes

Until you can write on the pad screen without feeling that you are writing on paper through a layer of glass I can't see how pad like form of computing is going to work. The iPad seems to be a read-only device. Until a read-write device is possible I can't see slate computing getting very far.
I understand the sentiment. But do you suppose ancient scribes said the same thing about using linen-based media when they switched from papyrus? you make my point though that data entry is a key part of the user experience. thanks for reading and commenting--Jim Forbes

Jack Hughes

I'm sure the scribes had a good moan about the switch. I suspect that they wouldn't really see a major advantage between linen and papyrus. I don't see much advantage of having the pad type devices as they are currently envisaged. Why have a software keyboard on a slate when you can have a real one on a netbook. Of course you are right to say that there will be a massive number of products coming out aping the iPad design (badly for the most part I suspect). For one I just can't see what I'm supposed to do with it. Still, Apple have a far better record than I have of predicting trends and the like so I expect I'll be wrong. Though, with the iPhone & iPod there was an established niche for the Apple products to fit into and alternative products to compete against. I don't see that very clearly with the iPad. There are e-readers on the one hand and netbooks/laptops on the other. Does a cross between the two really exist in the market. Apple plainly think so.

jim Forbes

Lenovo and HP are already there. but the discussion of keyboards is exactly the point I tried to make about preconceived notions and tablet computers. Oh, no peripheral or PDA maker has ever been successful with external keyboards for devices such as those made by Palm or others.
best wishes,
jim Forbes

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