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Jordan Elderkin

Lenovo seem to produce nothing but great all round laptops just as you can see from the one in question.

Jordan Elderkin

I have never seen a laptop that offers the option of have the battery life increased to 20 hours with an additional battery that you can connect. It's surprising that laptop and notebook companies havn't jumped on this idea sooner as batterys for devices such as laptops, notebooks, netbooks etc are very expensive. I do however look forward to this idea becoming more widespread because we all known how annoying having your battery die with no way to recharge this is the perfect solution.

jim forbes

the first laptop I reviewed with a "slice" battery was a Toshiba Portage from the late 1990's.I wrote all the way on that machine from Narita to Dublin. It was along flight. Other portable makrs offered clip-on extended batteries that attached to the back of the systems but they only provided two to thre hours of additional batterylife.--jmf

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